Gun Dog Training Program

Double A Gun Dogs offers training services for the discerning dog owner.

Hunting and gun dogs are a way of life here! Our kennel and training program offer a hands-on, intimate experience for the owner/handler and dog. We provide a level of care we expect for our own dogs – “all day service.” Our home is located a few yards away from the kennel, allowing for instant access and 24 hour surveillance. We train a small group of dogs per session to allow for the best training results.

We are located near the  Sioux City, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska areas.

AA Program

Double A offers a saturated two-month program that has been developed over years of guiding and dog training between the Midwest and the west coast. We offer training for both upland and waterfowl dogs that focuses on performance while still allowing your dog to be a family dog.

The Training Program

Birds make the dog. Birds will train your dog better than any other training method. Our training program includes scenarios with planted birds that bring out the natural ability in your dog’s breeding. Heavy bird work provides the best results for your time and money. We build a prey drive and then fine tune that drive for the owner/handler.

With any training program here at AA, we train WITH you and your pup as long as needed to get you both comfortable with the commands and handling that have been introduced in training. We encourage you to come a few times during your dogs’ sessions to train along with your dog. You will be helping throw marks, learn how to plant/handle live birds, and learn different training scenarios for your dog that you can perform at home with the help of your family. You’ll watch many different dogs training, including your own! These sessions will increase your effectiveness as a handler. Plan on a few hours for these sessions. Depending on where your dog is in the training program, you may have an opportunity to shoot over your dog.

Communication is THE most important part of our program. We keep in close contact with the dog owner, tracking and reporting your dog’s progress every step of the way. Calls or texts are welcome whenever you are wondering how your dog is doing. We take videos when we can and when there is a really special moment, we try to get it on camera!

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Advanced Training

Conditioned retrieves are a major component of our advanced training. We have developed a low pressure method for teaching a responsive “fetch” command. This has proven effective for even the most stubborn or “soft” dog. We built a very comfortable and large retriever bench that the dogs love! We train “fetch” and “hold” and use various retrieving tools on this bench before we move into the yard….including birds!

Once we move into the yard we do piles and obedience: “sit/whistle sit” and “heel.”
During these sessions the dog is introduced to the “back” command. In most cases this is the middle of the second month.

Advanced training also includes doing marks on our pasture property. There is flat grass, cover breaks, and water obstacles. We stretch the dog out to maximize its marking ability and fine-tune the retrieve and general obedience.

When your dog reaches this point we strongly encourage you to join us for these sessions, helping throw marks and learn more about handling.



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90 Bird Tune-up

I created the “90 Bird Tune Up” in Washington while working with Tiger Mountain Pointing Labs. As we were fine tuning gun dogs for clients that had waited all year to make one week of hunting in eastern Montana last a whole season, we realized….. IT HAS TO COUNT.

This program offers a training “cram session”  for dogs to learn how to negotiate all of the terrain and scenarios they will encounter in the upcoming season.

This is my favorite training program to teach because it’s straight up bird finding for your dog, with challenging planting scenarios in a variety of terrain.

90 birds in 30 days – generally more than the average hunter shoots in a season! This is how I train my own guide pack for the busy upcoming season.

I only want you to have an enjoyable time in the field with your dog. There is nothing better than appreciating a dog’s performance in the field.  Most of the time, anymore, I leave my gun home and watch my friends and clients enjoy the show… and that is what it’s all about.

Google Reviews

    review rating 5  I researched for a yellow lab pup over a year before picking a litter and getting a female yellow lab pup in late July of 2019. My intentions were to train this pup myself but due to work and time constraints my training plan didn't occur. Before I knew it spring of 2020 was here and while I had a great family dog she wasn't a hunter, she wasn't even introduced to gun fire yet. I wondered could she be a hunter? That is when I started looking for a professional trainer, research let me to three options in my area and I am pleased to have chosen Aaron at Double A Gun Dogs. The decision to send my 11 month old yellow lab to Aaron was the best decision ever. After a short time Aaron called to let me know my lab had the drive, nose and ability to be a gun dog. So we set up a training schedule. Fast forward and after our agree'd upon training time I made the drive out to Aaron's to see the progress my lab had made. After a morning of planted bird exercises I was amazed at the advancements my pup had made. Aaron walked me through how to handle my lab and I saw for myself a collar conditioned hunting dog better than I could ever hope for. Aaron was quick to offer advice on continued steps for me to use training at home and even sent a few pigeon's with me for future training. I absolutely plan on bringing her back for additional training in the future. Aaron at Double A Gun Dogs is a top notch trainer I would recommend to anyone looking for help training their hunting dog.

    thumb Kevin Wilmes

    review rating 5  I’ve been breeding vizslas my whole life. Took my new stud dog to Aaron because I felt he was behind and needed to get some birds under his nose. Aaron did an exceptional job with Joe. His drive has increased and his bird finding abilities are amazing after spending two months with Aaron. He also retrieves right to the hand every time. Well kept and maintained facilities. Plan on sending more dogs to him in the future!

    thumb Josh Schaben

    review rating 5  I took my Chocolate Lab who was 10 months at the time to Aaron. Before, I chose Double A Gun Dogs I looked around the Omaha area for a trainer and nothing really clicked for me and didn't get a good vibe. I went up to see Aaron and he was straight forward and honest about the whole process and he kept in constant contact with texts , calls , sending short video clips of my dog. During the 8 weeks my lab was there i went up a few different times and was apart of the session. I strongly recommend Aaron to anyone and I know and will be using him again.

    thumb Andrew O'Connor

    review rating 5  I’ve taken two of my dogs to Aaron and have been nothing but impressed. He does a great job of keeping you informed on how the training is going. My favorite part was that he encouraged me to come up and check out how the training is going and also participate in his techniques. I would recommend Aaron to anyone. Both of my dogs are pheasant hunting machines now.

    thumb Russell Meyer

    review rating 5  Aaron is the ONLY dog trainer I will use and unequivocally recommend. He has trained several of my own dogs, and numerous for my hunting partners. Aaron is the only trainer that I have seen where my dogs can’t wait to go back and see him! With Double A Gun Dogs you don’t just get standard dog get some more. He takes the time to “train” the handler too. Aaron takes the time to show you all the dogs on his trailer, various levels of progress, and always makes sure you are 100% satisfied. Even his post training customer service is second to none...he is always a quick call or text away to help with any training questions or concerns that may come up afterwards! My dogs won’t go anywhere else!

    thumb Brandon Orr

    review rating 5  Aaron has trained 2 dogs for me so far as well as my parents pup. While breeding goes a long way in making a dog in the field, a good start with a phenomenal handler takes them to the next level. His enthusiasm for his work carries through to the bond he forms with the dogs he trains. The drive he portrays to take you and your dog farther than imaginable allowed me to work to master blind retrieves with directional casting with my 2.5 year old pointing lab. Foundation work, advanced work, refresher work - Aaron excels at it all and so will your dog.

    thumb Laura Makarewicz

    review rating 5  I took my seven-month-old boykin spaniel to Aaron. I did research on a lot of different trainers and felt Aaron was the right fit. Aaron was always available to text or call and kept me in the loop the whole time my dog was there. I was able to go and train alongside of Aaron to learn how to handle my dog. My dog is a totally different dog after coming back. He is a retrieving machine and loves to retrieve. Aaron developed a prey drive in my dog like no other. If you want a no-nonsense trainer that gets the job done go see Aaron at Double a gun dogs. You won't be disappointed 😉.

    thumb Doug Dean

    review rating 5  I took my Lab to Aaron after a great deal of research. Three months later, I picked up a retrieving machine. Aaron gave me updates weekly, sent pictures, and explained the progress and set backs completely. He was honest about everything. I will never take my dogs anywhere else! Thankyou Aaron, for all the great hunts in my future!

    thumb Tim Horton

    review rating 5  Aaron was a complete professional, he took our very young Brittany and exceeded all expectations. We look forward to working with him and the future and referring all our friends. He has great care, expertise, and love of dogs. Could not speak any more highly of him!

    thumb Mackie M

Boarding services for your bird dog.

We offer limited boarding in a relaxed, rural environment.

Let your dog come and hang out with his hunting buddies while you need to travel for work or take the kids on vacation.