Gun Dog Training Program

Double A Gun Dogs offers training services for the discerning dog owner.

Hunting and gun dogs are a way of life here! Our kennel and training program offer a hands-on, intimate experience for the owner/handler and dog. We provide a level of care we expect for our own dogs – “all day service.” Our home is located a few yards away from the kennel, allowing for instant access and 24 hour surveillance. We train a small group of dogs per session to allow for the best training results.

We are located near the  Sioux City, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska areas.

AA Program

Double A offers a saturated two-month program that has been developed over years of guiding and dog training between the Midwest and the west coast. We offer training for both upland and waterfowl dogs that focuses on performance while still allowing your dog to be a family dog.

The Training Program

Birds make the dog. Birds will train your dog better than any other training method. Our training program includes scenarios with planted birds that bring out the natural ability in your dog’s breeding. Heavy bird work provides the best results for your time and money. We build a prey drive and then fine tune that drive for the owner/handler.

With any training program here at AA, we train WITH you and your pup as long as needed to get you both comfortable with the commands and handling that have been introduced in training. We encourage you to come a few times during your dogs’ sessions to train along with your dog. You will be helping throw marks, learn how to plant/handle live birds, and learn different training scenarios for your dog that you can perform at home with the help of your family. You’ll watch many different dogs training, including your own! These sessions will increase your effectiveness as a handler. Plan on a few hours for these sessions. Depending on where your dog is in the training program, you may have an opportunity to shoot over your dog.

Communication is THE most important part of our program. We keep in close contact with the dog owner, tracking and reporting your dog’s progress every step of the way. Calls or texts are welcome whenever you are wondering how your dog is doing. We take videos when we can and when there is a really special moment, we try to get it on camera!

Retriever Awards Nebraska | Double A Outfitting & Gun Dogs
Aaron Schroder dog trainer Omaha Nebraska | Double A Outfitting & Gun Dogs

Advanced Training

Conditioned retrieves are a major component of our advanced training. We have developed a low pressure method for teaching a responsive “fetch” command. This has proven effective for even the most stubborn or “soft” dog. We built a very comfortable and large retriever bench that the dogs love! We train “fetch” and “hold” and use various retrieving tools on this bench before we move into the yard….including birds!

Once we move into the yard we do piles and obedience: “sit/whistle sit” and “heel.”
During these sessions the dog is introduced to the “back” command. In most cases this is the middle of the second month.

Advanced training also includes doing marks on our pasture property. There is flat grass, cover breaks, and water obstacles. We stretch the dog out to maximize its marking ability and fine-tune the retrieve and general obedience.

When your dog reaches this point we strongly encourage you to join us for these sessions, helping throw marks and learn more about handling.



Labrador Retriever award Nebraska | Double A Outfitting & Gun Dogs
retriever training in Nebraska | Double A Outfitting & Gun Dogs
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bird training | Double A Outfitting & Gun Dogs
Labrador retriever and Canada goose | Double A Outfitting & Gun Dogs

90 Bird Tune-up

I created the “90 Bird Tune Up” in Washington while working with Tiger Mountain Pointing Labs. As we were fine tuning gun dogs for clients that had waited all year to make one week of hunting in eastern Montana last a whole season, we realized….. IT HAS TO COUNT.

This program offers a training “cram session”  for dogs to learn how to negotiate all of the terrain and scenarios they will encounter in the upcoming season.

This is my favorite training program to teach because it’s straight up bird finding for your dog, with challenging planting scenarios in a variety of terrain.

90 birds in 30 days – generally more than the average hunter shoots in a season! This is how I train my own guide pack for the busy upcoming season.

I only want you to have an enjoyable time in the field with your dog. There is nothing better than appreciating a dog’s performance in the field.  Most of the time, anymore, I leave my gun home and watch my friends and clients enjoy the show… and that is what it’s all about.

Google Reviews

I was recommended to Aaron through a work friend. I live in Bozeman, and figured I would find someone closer but give him a call anyways. SO GLAD I DID. Immediately I could tell he was different than the other few people I had spoken to, and I went for it. It was a bit of a chore, but worth every bit of it. The man just gets dogs. I could tell my dog was well taken care of, and is an absolute beast of a bird dog now. If you’re reading this but haven’t talked to Aaron, trust me, give him a call and you will know what I’m talking about.

Michael Dunaway Avatar Michael Dunaway
October 15, 2023

Great Yrainer

Daniel Rasmussen Avatar Daniel Rasmussen
September 25, 2023

I took my 14 month old Llewelyn Setter to Aaron and absolutely love how she responded to his training technique. She had great instincts already, (Paint River Setters in Michigan is where I purchased her) but I didn’t have the time or the skill to bring them to fruition. I was amazed at how well she did on week 3 with the check chord and then again at week 5 with the e-collar. I can’t wait to see how she does in the field for pheasant. Thank you Aaron, I’ll send some pics this fall!!

Mike Poole Avatar Mike Poole
August 13, 2023

I took my lab to Aaron for foundation training. He did a great job with her and gave updates every week on how she was doing. I also got to go down and work with her during the 2 months and he showed me what he was doing and explained why he did it. Very friendly and great experience for me and my dog. Thanks again

Alex Beier Avatar Alex Beier
July 16, 2023

Aaron did a great foundation training with my chocolate Dexter at 8-9 months. Dexter is 13 months now and does an excellent job finding and flushing birds. He started his first season used to the gun and responds very well to the collar. He’s had some nice retrieves too. I just hunt upland so I’m still deciding if we’ll do more advanced retrieving training. Aaron has been really helpful with questions and excellent communication. I also just boarded Dexter with Aaron for over a week which was really a life saver for our family trip. Thanks Aaron!

Mike Guntren Avatar Mike Guntren
November 28, 2022

I will forever take my dogs to Aaron to be trained and boarded. Right when I met him you could see his passion for training. From my dog’s initial training to each time I drop him off while I go out of town, I come back to a dog ready for the hunt. I can’t give this guy enough stars! Pictures are from an end of season hunt at a local place.

Wade Kellett Avatar Wade Kellett
November 3, 2022

My 11 month old GSP just came home from 2 months of foundation training and I couldn’t be happier. Aaron has a wealth of knowledge and a true passion for what he does. I was able to go and work with Aaron and my dog during training and Aaron was always very willing to share his extensive knowledge. I highly recommend

Josh G Avatar Josh G
October 13, 2022

Took my 10 month old male lab pup Rock up to Aaron for 2 months of foundation training. I was very pleased with what Aaron was able to accomplish in those 2 months. It was tough to send my dog away for that long but I was able to go up and train with Rock 3 times and Aaron always sent me update texts. It was a great experience for me and my pup and I will definitely be sending Rock back up for the Force Fetch Training. Anyone thinking about sending their dog off for training should definitely look into AA. Aaron does everything the right way and does a great job of explaining why he does things a certain way. Thanks again Aaron!

Jon Cathcart Avatar Jon Cathcart
October 6, 2022

I contacted Aaron after reading the reviews and after a short phone conversation I knew he was the right man for the job. His training methods help the dogs develop their natural abilities and he puts them on plenty of birds not bumpers. I brought my silver lab Goose to Aaron at 5 months. She was very nervous the day of her evaluation with the new experiences and people, but Aaron had her adjusted and ready to learn in just 24 hours. Although the weather wasn’t always the greatest the days I came to visit and work wit Aaron and Goose Aaron was always ready to go and show what she had been doing. He always sent photos or videos of her accomplishments and milestones. I truly felt that Aaron treated her as one of his own. This was never more evident than when the fire came through, Aaron’s first thought was to get the dogs loaded and get them to safety without a second thought to his personal belongings he made sure to care for the dogs in trusted to his care. Goose will be coming back next spring for advanced training and I look forward to continuing to build my relationship with Aaron.

Rob Miller Avatar Rob Miller
June 7, 2022

Aaron has done an amazing job with my lab, Mia. Her first two months with him she is gun broken, knows how to find and flush planted birds, and is collar conditioned with the command “here.” Definitely going back to him for two more months to build off of what she knows and be ready for the upcoming waterfowl season!

Cory Poehling Avatar Cory Poehling
April 6, 2022

Took my second german shorthaired pointer to Aaron at Double A Gundogs and once again he did an amazing job training with my dog. He put my GSP on a high number of birds, provided weekly updates on progress and took exceptional care of my GSP during the training process. I would highly recommend Double A Gundogs to anyone wanting to invest training in there hunting partner.

Nebraska Kid Avatar Nebraska Kid
January 24, 2022

We took our 7 month old GSP to Aaron for training and it was phenomenal! Daisy was there for two months and returned gun broke, collar trained, and ready for the field. She hunts all day with intensity and doesn’t lose a step. Aaron was great about giving us updates on her progress and the price can’t be beat. I’ll send my dogs to AA from now on.

Scott Muhle Avatar Scott Muhle
January 15, 2022

When it comes to bird dogs, Aaron is the real deal. I dropped my 7 month old GWP pup off a complete amateur when it comes to birds. I was shocked what she had transformed into after only a few short weeks. After two months of training I now have a hunting machine that doesn’t know the word quit. Aaron is very honest and knowledgeable and offers advice and tips all along the way. His training days even give you the opportunity to learn and grow along side of your dog. Bird dogs are a huge investment and you can trust it’ll be money well spent at Double A.

Adam Schmidt Avatar Adam Schmidt
January 4, 2022

I took my Braque du Bourbonnais (Eliza) to Aaron to help her develop her natural ability. I really like Aaron's approach. He gave her pleanty of opportunities to work birds in the field. He is a candid communicator which I really respect. He kept me informed and took good care of my dog. Aaron was able to address a couple of my dog's quirks. She still needs more development. I will seriously consider taking her back to Aaron next spring when she turns 1.

Kurt Ubbelohde Avatar Kurt Ubbelohde
January 1, 2022

Very personable trainer - answered any questions I had and was knowledgeable and passionate about dog training. I'll definitely be back!

William Radigan Avatar William Radigan
December 29, 2021

I brought my 6 month old chocolate lab to Aaron for training this last summer and so far he has done a great job with Bear. Aaron will evaluate your dog and give you honest feedback about your dog's abilities. I was able to visit and train with them a couple times and see the progress along the way wich was awesome. Most of all I appreciated the contact Aaron keeps with you. Every week Aaron would either call, or text with an update along with sending videos too. I am bringing Bear back for retriever training in a couple months. I can't wait to see even more progress from there.

Michael Ladenthin Avatar Michael Ladenthin
December 9, 2021

Positive: Quality ,  Responsiveness ,  Value Best hunting training in the Midwest. We are so lucky to be close to this facility! Aaron kept in close contact with us for the 2 months our pup was with him which was important to us since she was only about 7 months old at the time. It was fun to go up a few times and train with our pup as well. GREAT EXPERIENCE!! Thanks so much!

Sarah Jensen Avatar Sarah Jensen
December 7, 2021

Original review deleted, I can no longer recommend.

K Wil Avatar K Wil
December 4, 2021

Best hunting training in the Midwest. We are so lucky to be close to this facility! Aaron kept in close contact with us for the 2 months our pup was with him which was important to us since she was only about 7 months old at the time. It was fun to go up a few times and train with our pup as well. GREAT EXPERIENCE!! Thanks so much!

Sarah Jensen Avatar Sarah Jensen
December 2, 2021

We brought our 2nd dog in for a check in with Aaron and he has done it again! Great dog trainer, I refer him to anyone willing to listen, he’s honest doesn’t take advantage, does an outstanding job. Our first dog came along for the trip and she still remembers him and was so excited to see him. While our dogs are hunting dogs they also spend quite a bit of time inside with us so their obedience is very important and we really value that the dogs are excited to see him. You get the best of both worlds. A phenomenal hunter and a willingly obedient companion!

Mackie Maurer Avatar Mackie Maurer
November 29, 2021

I brought my 6 month Brittany for foundation training. He was very responsive and very good with the dogs. My dog came back collar conditioned pointing and ready to hit the fields running. I'm very happy and will come back with my next new puppy next summer.

Dave Frack Avatar Dave Frack
November 3, 2021

Took my 8 month old pup to aaron he did a great job . He was very honest and upfront. My pup will be back again

Hunter Harlow Avatar Hunter Harlow
November 3, 2021

Dexter the Good Dog! Dexter, my Red Heeler, and I hail from southern California. Dexter is a companion dog, and if you know about Red Heelers then you know how smart and active they are. You might wonder why someone from Southern California is commenting on a dog trainer in Nebraska. Well, this dog trainer was worth a road trip from California to Nebraska! I heard about Aaron from a friend who lives in Iowa. She had a ‘problem’ dog that Aaron trained. Now my Dexter was not a problem dog at all. He was already trained to ride alongside me in the Santa Monica mountains. But he did have trouble with recall, and needed some reenforcement with general manners. I was lamenting to my friend, that I just didn’t have the time to fine-tune Dexter. She told me about her experience and raved about AA. So I called Aaron. Aaron talked me through how companion training works and was a little surprised that I would consider the road trip. But he came so highly recommended and I have to tell you, I would do it again!! Dex and I got on the road and took the three day trip to Nebraska. I was so impressed with AA‘s facilities. Beautiful grounds, and squeaky clean very roomy kennels. Dexter was in a large barn with about six other kenneled dogs. I gave him a pat on the head and headed to the airport to fly back to California. During the next two weeks Aaron evaluated Dexter and created a custom training program. As he worked with Dexter, Aaron texted me frequently with progress, pictures, and movies. It was so fun to see Dex so attentive and eager to work! A couple of weeks later I flew back to Nebraska, picked up my car and headed to Aaron’s place. Aaron spent some time taking me and Dex through ropes so that I could pick up where he left off. It was amazing! The biggest difference was that now Dex is so in tuned and focused to my commands. Still the same spirited wonderful pup, but ready to mind and ready to go! I know AA’s primary focus is training hunting dogs, but Aaron is magic with companion dogs and I highly recommend him. Aaron, I can’t thank you enough!

Jane van Haaster Avatar Jane van Haaster
November 3, 2021

Aaron has force fetched a couple of my dogs and whoa broke another. All came back as I expected them to, he will put the dogs on several birds in the process.

Nick Siedelmann Avatar Nick Siedelmann
October 20, 2021

Boarding services for your bird dog.

We offer limited boarding in a relaxed, rural environment.

Let your dog come and hang out with his hunting buddies while you need to travel for work or take the kids on vacation.